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Defesa de Dissertação – Alcebíades de Sousa

Defesa de Dissertação – Alcebíades de Sousa

Nota de Atualização:

A defesa de mestrado de Alcebíades de Sousa Filho, será concluída hoje (24/08/2021 – Terça-feira),  para acessar clique aqui.


Irá acontecer no dia 23/08/2021 (segunda-feira) às 09:00, a defesa de mestrado de Alcebíades de Sousa Filho. Com o tema: “RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN DATA AND POPULATION STUDIES IN BRAZIL: A CASE STUDY OF THE PPGDEM, FROM 2013 TO 2020.”, você poderá acompanhar esse evento no nosso canal do Youtube no CCET, ao vivo, clique Aqui e ou assista pelo painel de transmissão abaixo.

Interna – 1803637 – CRISTIANE SILVA CORREA
Interno – 1016026 – JOSE VILTON COSTA
Presidente – 2081758 – LUCIANA CONCEICAO DE LIMA

KEY WORDS: Data sources; Population studies; PPgDem; North East; Brazil

BIG AREA: Ciências Sociais Aplicadas
AREA: Demografia

Brazil has been the stage for the diversification of data production activities on multiple aspects of its population. Much of this data can be attributed to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), ministries, notary offices, health and education units, institutions that compile indicators and private companies. This diversity of institutions reflects different methodological characteristics, levels of territorial, temporal and thematic coverage of national data, which can influence different aspects of national demographic studies. In this context, the main objective of this study is to verify how national data sources may have influenced approaches to themes, spaces and periods of analysis in population studies produced in Brazil, using as reference dissertations defended in the Graduate Program in Demography at UFRN, from 2013 to 2020. The hypotheses discussed in this study are: the choices of themes and data analyzed are related to subjective and objective characteristics of the student, such as gender; there is a lack of official data that provide information to support more specific studies in terms of time and space analyzed and; PPgDem allowed the creation of a niche for studies aimed at the Northeast Region. The methodology used consisted of a case study of PPgDem, applying a descriptive analysis on a database built from information extracted from 72 dissertations produced in that program. As for the general characteristics of the dissertations, it was observed that there is a predominance of defenses from female students and that there is a preference for themes related to aspects of fertility and gender issues, while for male students, the analyzes discuss aspects of mortality and education. As for the characteristics of the data used, it was found that there was a predominance of census data from the IBGE and administrative records from federal ministries, however, to support studies for small areas, more regional or specific data sources were used. The most explored geographic units were Brazil and the Greater Region, especially the Northeast Region and its subspaces, confirming the hypothesis that the PPgDem plays a role in developing research related to the demography of that area. A more robust national analysis is suggested for future studies, considering the other teaching and research centers in population studies, as well as the extension of the period.

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